Friday, June 22, 2012

Last few months

 Boys enjoying the beach at sunset

 Soccer ended. So much fun!

 Cameron has an obsession with vacuums...real or much so that one night when he was upset and I couldn't seem to cheer him up, I set him down, got out the vacuum and suddenly all was right with the world. He happily followed me around and was just fine! Haha! Do you think that will keep throughout his teenage years so I can just have him do all the vacuuming??? :)
 Random cute statue I saw when out almost made me cry. (soldier returning home)

 Maymont Mansion Park in Richmond. Beautiful. Cheap. Fun. Amazing...loved it!

Boys had fun playing with each other in a random gazebo. They are such cute brothers!

 Primary song - Saturday Is a Special Day - "...we shine our shoes..."
B (on a Sunday while listening to primary songs (we had cleaned the day before to "get ready for Sunday)): Mommy! We forgot to shine our SHOES!!!
B (on a following Sunday driving over to someone's house - listening to the song again in the car): Mommy, we just keep forgettin to shine our shoes, don't we. Yeah, we just keep forgettin...
So, a couple of weeks later Justin sat down with him to "shine their shoes" - Braden was so happy!