Monday, June 30, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting...

So I have an adorable little niece and nephew that live here in Logan (Katie and Andrew), and Ang and Scott went on a cruise for the weekend with his work, so we told them we'd watch the kids. Whew! Man parenting is a lot of work! It really made both Justin and I think, "Can we really do this? Oh, well - it's a little late for going back now!" We really had a great four days with them and they are so cute, but I realized after we got back to our apartment that last night that I was emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted! I definately thanked Heavenly Father that kids come, usually, one at a time and as little babies so that you can get used to each other and grow together. I'm still not sure that I'm up for this whole thing, but I'm feeling a little better about it all as I look around and realized that people do it all the time and they survive and have wonderful lives and wonderful little families. (I feel a little like the little engine saying to myself "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.")

Some of my favorite moments from this weekend though were at the little play-date that we had in the park with Dana and baby Mason and taking pictures to capture how cute they all are. I can't get over how cute Katie is when she says in her cute little voice "baby" at every child under the age of 2 that she sees (even if they are way bigger than her). And I think the ultimate favorite moment of the weekend was when we were all visiting my work on Friday and Andrew and I went to the bathroom. We were each in our separate stalls and he was talking to me about various random things and then he said "Elise, I love you. Your my best friend." I was sitting there on the toilet and just had to laugh and think "Where else in a public restroom would I hear from someone that they loved me and that I was their best friend except from this cute little 5-year old!" It was priceless. I told him I loved him too and that he was definately my best friend too. I just don't think it gets much better than that!


So I have to apologize for being a dork. I always knew that people can make comments and that I can make comments on their blogs, but the thought somehow never crossed my mind that people had been making comments on my blog and that I should look at that little print underneath my posts! Nikki Marble was cutting my hair last week and said, "I made a comment on your blog, did you see it?" I just sat there bewildered like " I guess I've never actually looked to see if anyone had been leaving me comments. I didn't know people where even leaving comments on there!" And sure enough when I got home I looked and all sorts of people have been leaving me comments that I've never even noticed! So I'm really sorry if you've made comments over the last couple of months and I've never responded to them. I don't know why that thought never crossed my mind, but it really makes me laugh now how blind I can be sometimes!

Coasting the Puget Sound...

A couple of weeks ago (okay, like a month ago) we got to go to WA and spend a week with our fams for my birthday. It was great! It rained all week, but we just decided that we weren't going to let that spoil our plans. So, we went golfing a couple of times in the rain with Justin's dad and Zach (I'm hoping the rain is the excuse for how poorly I was golfing...maybe I can blame it on being pregnant. I don't know. I definately did NOT have game, while Justin had the best golfing scores of his career!).

We also went sailing in the middle of a big storm. That probably wasn't the smartest idea, but being out on our sailboat in with those big waves crashing into us and the rain was really a lot of fun. We came close to tipping a few times, but Justin, my dad, and I sure had an adventure.

We were hoping to be one of the people who got to see the humpback whale that was hanging around Point Defiance, so we rented a little boat and cruised around for a few hours with my dad. We even got my mom out there on that little boat for a while. It was a great time, even though we didn't get to see the whale. All in all, it was a great birthday trip!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Computer Miracle!

I just recently had a computer miracle, which doesn't happen very often I have to say. My computer tends to be against me rather than for me, but it changed it's mind this once! You know those pictures I was so sad that I lost? Well, my computer randomly stuck them into a file I had never before seen and I ran across it and it made my day! So, here are a bunch of picture from the past several weeks of visiting WA, Kelly's wedding, Zach's birthday, our cute little nieces and nephew Addie, Katie, and Andrew. Enjoy!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

We're back...

Okay, so things have been a little crazy here. We moved, then our Internet didn't work, then it tried to be fixed, but it still didn't want to work...and now we finally have working Internet again! Yay!

A lot has been happening in life, so I will give a quick summary...

The biggest news is that WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!! The baby is coming sometime around Dec. 6th and we are really excited. I'm starting to show just a little bit - as you can see in the picture, or maybe you can't see it. Justin and I can definately tell. I've been puking most everyday, so life hasn't been too much fun, but I'm hopefully almost out of this first trimester sickness stuff. The other exciting news is that Justin took the MCAT (huge 5 hour test to get into medical school) this last Tuesday! Whew! We are both SO glad to have that out of the way. The only bad part is that now we have to wait a month to get the score back. Needless to say, neither of us are excited about that, particularly Justin, who hates to even wait over the weekend for a normal school test score. I'm sure it will be good to increase our patience, or something.

We also moved and we love our little apartment. We'll love it even more when the owners put new tile in the entry and kitchen. I went to WA for my friend Kelli's wedding and Zach's (Justin's brother) birthday, which was great! Meanwhile, Justin was here taking finals...yuck. After that was all over, Brian (my brother who lives in AZ) and Derek and Melanie (my bro. and sister-in-law) came to visit! Brian's going to be staying with us on and off throughout the summer, which will be a blast.

I had all sorts of fun pictures of all the stuff mentioned above, but my computer has somehow erased them all. Boo!!! I just looked into the folder where I had put them all, and there is nothing to be found. I had also erased them already from my I guess I'm just out of luck today. More to come later I guess...