Wednesday, March 2, 2011

32 weeks and other happenings...

I have been terrible at updating our blog lately, so I apologize, this is going to be a long one!
I had a realization this week that I am 32 weeks along!!! Ahhh!! So crazy! It just goes by so fast! I got online the other day to figure out how far along I am (things are just so crazy I don't even keep track anymore!) and it said that in two weeks the baby will be turning head down to prepare for labor. I immediately started freaking out and thought, "Wow, wow, wait a minute here! Who's getting ready for labor. There should be no getting ready for labor here. It's way too soon for that!"
I am really hoping that this little boy just wants to hang out in the womb as long as possible because on April 28th (my due date) Justin has a SHELF exam (a national exam that he can't miss or reschedule), then finals week continues until May 5th, on which day he has another SHELF exam. All in all it would be wonderful if this little guy could just hang out in there until May 6th! :) We'll see what he thinks of that plan.

So...update on me:
I am getting very big and pregnant, but feeling good. My hips are miserable and Justin laughs at me as I hobble around almost every night like a 75 yr-old woman with arthritis in her hips! It is pretty funny looking, even I have to admit that. :) Baby is very healthy and movin' and groovin' in there like crazy!
At the beginning of the year I got called as the YW president in our ward. It has been crazy busy, and more than a little overwhelming at times, but it is going well. I am learning a lot and the Lord is most definitely stretching me and trying to make me into more than I am. Poor Justin has to deal with me constantly in tears, but I am on my knees a lot and I know I am growing and Justin is always there to support me and give me a shoulder to cry on and I have been given a lot of help and a lot of wonderful blessings.

Update on Justin:
He is doing great in school! It is crazy and overwhelming - he is so busy and has so much on his plate but he is amazing and manages it all so well! I am really amazed as I watch him be so dedicated and balance life. He works so hard for us and I'm so grateful that I get to be by his side in all this!

Brado is growing more and more independent and has most definitely hit his "two's". He is still my sweet little boy, just has a little added attitude and a very strong will of his own! :) He is so excited about this little baby and I can't wait to see him as an older brother! He loves to "listen to the baby's heartbeat" with his little pretend stethoscope and feel the baby move. He is so smart and funny and he has the most hilarious things to say! I need to be better about writing them down, but here is one that I remember:
Me: "The baby is moving"
Braden: "He's playing."
Me: "Yep, he's playing in there."
Braden: "He playing with his basketball!"
Me: "Oh! He has a basketball?"
Braden: "Yeah! He has balls! Basketball and soccer ball and football! Yeah, he likes balls!"
Braden has also started praying, which is just the sweetest thing ever to hear. Nothing more precious than hearing your child pray! I love it!

Some pictures of the last few months:

A fun afternoon at the zoo together!

Just snuggling with Daddy before bedtime.
Spring is here! Things are warming up and we have our first flowers!!! I love them!
Taking Braden and his little buddy Ainsley grocery shopping! It was so fun to see them interact in the cart! They are hilarious sometimes together and act like two peas in a pod. Other times they are more like brother and sister fighting over who gets what, but all in all they are pretty fun together!
Today we went to the park by our house and they had so much fun throwing the crunchy leaves that didn't get raked up in the fall. It was so cute and I love the expressions I was able to catch!

Braden has this fetish with "blankets" - washcloths, towels, dishtowels, place mats, blankets, etc. He loves to take them and lay them all out together! He is so serious about it, too!
Our little snowman! We got some snow last month and Braden and I both thought it would be fun to make a snowman! Apparently the idea was more fun than the actual task because after about 5 min he wanted to go inside because he was cold! He is just as much of a wimp as his parents when it comes to the cold weather I guess! Braden did love the snowman's "carrot nose" though. :)
And how funny is this?!!!! Braden wanted to hold this book while going to bed. I let him, and then poked my head in about 10 min later to see if he was asleep yet and I found him asleep with the book over his face! It was hilarious!!!!