Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Boy!

Well, it is official that we are having another boy! And luckily there is only one! (the dr. had us scared for a week because she heard multiple heartbeats and wasn't sure what to think, but at our ultrasound there was only one baby. Whew! Good thing because I don't know that we could have handled twins!)

This sweet little boy was just posing for these pictures. I love looking at them. He just looks so sweet sitting there. I'm excited to meet this little guy in a few months.
He looks so much like Braden already to us. It will be fun to see if that is true when he comes out! He is certainly just as active in the womb as Braden was. So I'm guessing we'll have two little balls of energy running around together! :) I'm sure Braden will teach him everything he knows and before I know it they will be getting into all sorts of mischief together!
I'm really actually looking forward to it! Haha!

I just can't get over how detailed you can see his face in these 3D pictures! It melts my heart!

And this little foot is just so precious!!!

The rest of Christmas

a whole bunch of Christmas memories...

Justin's dad is a manager for Fastenal and Brado got to spend some quality time with his Grandpa driving around and playing in the cool, big trucks!

He especially liked being up high in the bunk bed. :)

It was great fun! Braden had so much fun and loves big trucks even more now - if that's possible!
We played on Grandma and Grandpa's bed (doing the "elbow-drop" throw onto it by Justin - another favorite of Braden's)

Fun times opening Christmas gifts!

And Addi got Grandpa to wear the Princess Crown! :)
We went caroling with my family on Christmas day - one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

(Justin made me take him out of this photo because it wasn't the greatest picture of him. lol - he really did look like he had a Christmas hangover or something!)
and Braden discovered that juggling is pretty much the coolest thing ever!
He has a couple of uncles that are pretty proficient jugglers and can do cool tricks with balls that Braden was just in awe of!
It just made him SO happy!
Wonderful Christmas memories. I love being home with family!!! :)