Monday, March 26, 2012

First day of Soccer!!!!

Braden started soccer on Saturday!!!

 He thought it was so fun and we had a great time watching him, and the 50 other 3 yr olds, playing games like red-light, green light, with their soccer balls. At this age they don't actually play any kind of competitive games, they just have fun practices that help them build skills and have a good time with a soccer ball. It was a bit chaotic and crazy this first time, but fun nonetheless and I'm sure will only get more fun. :)
 At the very end they had the parents make this cool victory tunnel for the kids to run through and get cheered on. It was so fun and I stood there at the end of it with the camera just waiting for Braden to come through so I could get a great, fun I waited, and waited, and finally all the kids had come through and the tunnel was being disbanded...but still no Braden. So I went to look around for him and this is what I found-
He was just over at the net, practicing shooting goals and then kicking them out of the net so he could do it again - completely oblivious to the tunnel of joy happening on the field! Haha! I laughed so hard and thought, "Well, I guess if he'd rather kick the ball than run through a victory tunnel he must be in the right sport! lol

Cameron's is getting bigger, cutting teeth, and for the most part just enjoying life. He waves hi and bye, says ma-ma when he cries (but will not say it at any other time!), says da-da all the time - or at least all the time when he is happy...go figure! Haha! It suprises me how much he understands things we say to him. One day Braden was hiding under the blanket and Cam was close to him, but facing the other direction and I said, "Oh no, Cam! Where did Braden go? Where's Braden?" And he smiled, turned to the big bump under the blanket and started pulling on it to get him out. Fun moments with these two little boys. :) 
They are typically either laughing and having a great time together, or both yelling at each other - arguing in their brotherly language of a 10 month old and a 3 yr old! I'm sure that's probably how it will be most of their lives! But hopefully the love will always win out in the least eventually! 

And this is Braden's loving pretend play. One day he got the teddy bear, sat in the rocking chair with Cam's blanket, read him a story, rocked him and sang to him, and then put him to bed in the crib. It was so precious. We all had to be so quiet, because bear was sleeping. Such fun times with little kiddos!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Random Pictures

 An amazing concert by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra and the Bay Youth Symphony (which our friend's son, Juston Goldade, is in). So glad we got to go!
 We got a tiny bit of snow and Justin and Braden made a little miniature snowman - it was about 12in tall and very cute!
 First time with was most definitely a big hit!

 Valentines day cookie decorating with our friend Cade! Thanks Rachel and Cade!

 Box sledding on a little hill at the Botanical Gardens, while watching the airplanes take off a the airport next door.