Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pictures, pictures and more pictures...

Justin and I ran a 12K!!! Zach (justin's bro) ran it too. Elisa and Megan did the 5k. All in all, I'm pretty proud of all of us! It feels good to say that we did it!

Justin coming into the finish! Whoohoo! I'm going to brag about him for a minute because he is absolutely amazing. He (who doesn't even like to run!) trained really hard and beat his comptetition (one of his mom's co-workers) by coming in at 58 minutes and 24 seconds! 7.64 miles is a long way to run to begin with, let alone in less than an hour. I am so proud of him! He can do pretty much anything he wants to when he puts his mind to it.

Out on the Puget Sound

Braden loves the sink. I happen to love the look of the cap crooked.

Daddy's Allstar

Enjoying more food
Graduation - Us and Justin's parents

Braden on Graduation day with his supportive U-state shirt. It was really cute!

Aggie fans

My mom's huge family together for my grandpa's 80th b-day!

Our boy loves to stand!

My great family!

Another one of my great fam!

Us at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma

My mom got this amazing shot of the tiger. It looks like he's about to leap out and kill something!

happy family...