Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Museum of Play!

Rachel e-mailed me some pictures they took at the museum of play when we were in NY and I had to post them for the fam to see because they are just some fun memories!

Daddy and son driving the car together! Braden thought that was pretty cool. Justin, as you can see, was having a bit of a hard time squeezing into the child-size car!
These little beads provided so much entertainment! Who knew something so simple could be so fun. They ended up everywhere, too. Later that evening I was finding them coming out of pockets and Braden's diaper!

On the steps of Sesame Street!
This place was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. It was a full on fake grocery store, with kiddie carts, where the kids could pick whatever they wanted and put it in their cart. Then they take it to the register, pretend to pay for it and go put it all away! Braden loaded his cart with every fruit and veggie he could reach - often taking every kiwi or cucumber there was. We actually never made it to the check out stand, he was too excited about putting things in!

Just pushing the cart along to the next item.
He looks like he's been caught red-handed!
Braden's first train ride!
He LOVES trains and always lets us know when he hears one outside. He and Justin got to take a little ride and he was so sad when he had to get off!
Making his little "choo-choo" action
(his arm moving up and down like he's pulling the whistle)

...And to top it all off, Summertime Fun!

(Brooke and Braden sharing the kiddie pool toys)
Well, I know this is going to sound crazy, but summer is here! Although I'm sure it's going to go back to the 70's, the weather decided it was ready to jump forward a bit and we have had temps in the mid 90's all week! At first I felt like I had gotten whip-lash from the weather, but after a little time to adjust it's been great! Unfortunately I don't have many summer clothes yet for Braden - I thought I'd have a little more time on that one. All the med-student wives and kids got together at the beach today. We played and had a picnic lunch and life couldn't have been better! Braden LOVED the water and the sand and thought it was great to splash around. I have a feeling we are going to be spending a lot of time at the beach this summer!
(p.s.-any and all visitors are more than welcome! We have a room for you and will provide the food! :) Come on, you know you want to be sitting on Virginia Beach, don't you?!)

Playing in the Sand
Cute little Maggie, about to do a nose dive into the water!
Rachel and Kade having fun in the sand.

Eastertime Fun

Happy Easter! We had an amazing weekend - between conference and Easter is was perfect. Braden did quite well during conference and enjoyed the music particularly. We were a little bummed we didn't get to see a good close up of my brother, Brian (he is one of the newest members of the MoTab Choir!!!) but it was still cool to look and see the many dots of faces and know that he was one of them. :)
The morning of Easter we headed over to one of the other med students for brunch and an Easter egg hunt. Braden was a natural at the whole Easter egg thing. We didn't even have to explain it to him. I just pointed out that there were eggs, he went and picked them up and put them in the basket, then hurried off to the next one! It was so fun to watch!

He also got his first close look/touch with a snake! One of the boys found this little guy in the backyard after the Easter egg hunt was done. It was a pretty cute and harmless little snake. Braden seemed to like him, although I think he would have found him more exciting if he moved around a little bit more. All boy I guess...just like his dad!
A few days before Easter we dyed eggs! It was a fun first for us as a family! Braden was so excited about the whole thing, as you can see.
I would give him two colors to choose from, give him the egg...
and PLUNK he would drop it in.

Fortunately the dye stayed in the bowls and on the eggs - except for what you can see on Braden's hands that is!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Springtime Fun

We've spent a lot of time at the park - almost every day and Braden has loved every minute of it. Except for the minutes when it is time to go home that is.
This is Braden's park buddy - Hayden. He lives pretty close to us and whenever we go to the park Hayden (3 yrs old) says along the way, "Two boys, Hayden and Braden!"
That is quite the face, eh? It always makes me laugh when he makes this face. Justin saw it and started laughing, saying that it made him look like Brain, from 'Pinky and the Brain' (Animaniacs cartoon). I had to look up the picture, and is very true! Poor kid!
(Brain is the mouse on the bottom, just in case you couldn't see the resemblance.)
Off on an adventure!
One of the great things about this park is that it has a very pretty little garden area, a little pond with a bridge and lots of geese - Braden's favorite part of the whole park!

An accident picture which I think turned out pretty cool!

"Wow look at those geese swim!"

I was trying to get some pictures of him on this little bench, but in almost all of them he was just looking and/or pointing toward the geese with a look of concern that he was way too far away from them! He gets so focused, intent and serious about the things he's interested in. I love it. Hmmm....I wonder where he gets that father like son I'd say!