Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eastertime Fun

Happy Easter! We had an amazing weekend - between conference and Easter is was perfect. Braden did quite well during conference and enjoyed the music particularly. We were a little bummed we didn't get to see a good close up of my brother, Brian (he is one of the newest members of the MoTab Choir!!!) but it was still cool to look and see the many dots of faces and know that he was one of them. :)
The morning of Easter we headed over to one of the other med students for brunch and an Easter egg hunt. Braden was a natural at the whole Easter egg thing. We didn't even have to explain it to him. I just pointed out that there were eggs, he went and picked them up and put them in the basket, then hurried off to the next one! It was so fun to watch!

He also got his first close look/touch with a snake! One of the boys found this little guy in the backyard after the Easter egg hunt was done. It was a pretty cute and harmless little snake. Braden seemed to like him, although I think he would have found him more exciting if he moved around a little bit more. All boy I guess...just like his dad!
A few days before Easter we dyed eggs! It was a fun first for us as a family! Braden was so excited about the whole thing, as you can see.
I would give him two colors to choose from, give him the egg...
and PLUNK he would drop it in.

Fortunately the dye stayed in the bowls and on the eggs - except for what you can see on Braden's hands that is!


Mrs. Ellis said...

SO fun Elise! I'm glad you have so many other moms/friends to do things with. I'm jealous you live so close to the beach... we may have to take you up on that offer some time! (too bad we want to use vacay time to visit family in Utah though...)

Braden is just like his mama picking eggs. :) And I kept looking for your brother during conference too (even though I haven't seen him in years) and was disappointed that I never saw him. We were thinking of you and your family though all through conference! :)

Mrs. Ellis said...

Oh and hey, someone in my ward seriously thinks my name is Kori Elise not Kori Ellis. So I think of you all the time with that too! :)