Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christmas...obviously a little behind the times

Okay, so Christmas is long, long been over, but I just found a bunch of pictures on our computer from Justin's phone that I hadn't seen before! So, I figured I had better post them! We can always relive Christmas... :)

We haven't been to MT to visit grandparents and aunts/uncles there since we moved to VA, so Justin and Braden, along with Megan and Zach (Justin's bro and sis) took a very fast road trip. Braden was a trooper - they left for the 10hr drive about an 2hrs after we landed from flying all day long, drove through the night to MT, spent two days there and drove back. Whirlwind, but totally worth it. (Well, worth it for everyone but Cam, who hates the car to begin with, we decided we wouldn't put him or ourselves through that so he and I stayed in WA).
Oh the glories of Eureka, MT!!!
Tractors galore!!!!!

 Hay to play in!!!!!

 Sweet Great-grandmas to cook with!
 Beautiful lake views....

 And the sweetest Great-Grandpa (who Braden is named after, Braden David) to get hugs from! 
(I think it is hilarious and sweet that 85 yr old Grandpa Peterson is the one squatting down to give Braden a hug! He is a pretty spry guy for 85!)

BDAY with the Petersons
I love how everyone gathers around to play with Braden's toys! We all just become kids again. :) 

 One last ride on the sailboat before it was taken out of the water!

 Christmas day with Gma and Gpa Monson

And post-Christmas decorating the Gingerbread house for the cousins (Addi and Kylee)

 We need to work on Braden's smiling for the camera skills...haha!
That is one loaded gingerbread house...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

For Uncle Zach...

"Braden, What does uncle Zach say?"

"Focus, Braden, Focus"
We love you uncle skack!!!! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Videos Galore

We have lots of recent videos we want Grandparents and family to see. Dearest family, here are some hilarious and/or cute videos. WE MISS YOU!!!!!! :(
For the rest of you, we love you too and you are obviously welcome to watch as you please...but don't feel obligated. :)

Zoo Train Faces

First trip on the Zoo Train

Cam is just calmly taking it all in... 
It seems to reflect their personalities a bit to me. :)