Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sandy Fun

The weather has warmed up off and on here, giving us glimpses of our much-beloved spring soon to come! The boys and I decided to take advantage of one of these warm days and go play in the sand at the beach. 
It was Cam's first time and boy did he LOVE it! Above is his first experience eating the sand...yep, that face pretty much sums up that experience! Bitter-beer face for sure!

And I love this face below, "Mom, have you seen this stuff??? This is so cool!"

Braden being a bulldozer :)

Doesn't Braden just look like a little sailor ready to go to sea? 
Cam had no qualms about leaving us behind to go venture off in the sand - which is quite the thing for this little mama's boy who doesn't let me leave the room without him some days. He had a 30 ft crawling radius in about every direction, before I'd grab him and carry him back over to us, with no cares for whether we were coming or not. He was off to explore! 

I really love this picture of him looking serenely out at the water

Yep, just giving the wood a little lick...you know, to because the sand tasted so good... lol

Beach time in WA

On a sunny, cold day over Christmas we took a walk down to the beach. 
Fun times were had wearing galoshes, getting chased by the waves, finding little crabs and throwing rocks. Too bad there weren't more sunny days for us to do this! It was so fun and beautiful!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our fun 'tend' world

Well, I have yet to post all about Christmas,  but it will wait for another day because I have just had some of the sweetest little moments with these boys in the past week and I usually forget to write it all down - but not today! :)

Cameron just started to play pat-a-cake - well, he claps his hands for a bit and then puts them up in the air anyway. It is about the cutest thing ever. He has also started dancing - all the time. This little boy just loves to groove his little head to anything even close to music. Even if it is just his brother yelling randomness like, "Chee, chaw, hoo-be-doop-bee- noodle!!!" I will post video soon for his faraway admirers across the country and the globe. :)
And Braden is loving this drum we found on the side of the road and loves to practice his skills while Justin plays the guitar. It is my favorite! He is always saying the funniest things and catching me off guard. He has the biggest imagination and loves to talk about his 'tend (pretend) world.

Just today he told me during our Mac'n'cheese picnic on the kitchen floor - "Mommy! Mommy! Harley the Shark (his favorite pretend friend) is here! She's gonna eat macaroni and cheese too. Yeah! Harley the Shark and 'tend Raiyah and Malacki (real friends, but in their 'tend version), and SANTA! and his toys and his deer and little guys! They're all coming in to eat macaroni and cheese with us!" They proceeded to stay and eat with us for a minute, then they left to go to the store to get more mac'n'cheese, and then they ALL came back in with more boxes! It was quite the fun treat to have Harley the Shark, 'tend Raiyah and Malacki, Santa, his toys, and his deer all with us for lunch!

Then tonight as a sweet little moment to the end of my day, the wind was blowing quite hard and making a noise against the window, scaring Braden a little bit. He and I included in our prayer that he would be able to sleep well and that the wind wouldn't scare him. Then he told me, "Jesus can help me not be scared of the wind. Jesus can just lay next to me and then I won't be scared anymore!" It was so sweet and cute and made my little heart so happy. Sweet boys. 

I usually forget to write some of these little sweet memories down. I love them. I love being these boys' mama. Especially on days like today when I remember to treasure it. :)