Sunday, July 3, 2011

Videos For Daddy...

Okay, so I have done a lot of posts tonight trying to catch up on the last few months (which have been pretty full of fun stuff, so there was a LOT to post about). In fact, there are 8 new posts. They don't even all fit on this page so you have to go to older posts to see them all. So I apologize for the overload of posts, but I figure if I don't just do them all now they may just never get done!

Justin has headed back to Virginia to start his 3rd year! He is really excited to get into rotations and get working and out of the classroom. After 5-6 years he is more than ready to do some hands-on work!
Since he is pretty much going to be gone all the time for the next several months, we decided it would be best for us if the kids and I stayed here for a while longer. (My parents have big hearts for putting up with us for this long!!!)
Anyway, here are some videos for Daddy. :)

Double Blessing Day

While here in WA we blessed Cameron, and even got to do a double blessing day! Jeremy and Elisa (Justin's brother) just had a little boy too (about 5 weeks after Cameron) named Damon and they both were blessed last Wednesday night. It was so fun and neat to do it together! I'm so glad it worked out that way.
Elisa's sister Tyra is an awesome photographer, so she took some great family pics and I'll put those up when I get them, but in the meantime here are a few that we took.
Mom Peterson and Cameron

Snazzy looking brother. :)

Proud Grandparents with Damon (left) and Cameron (right)! :)
More proud Grandparents! :)
And a cute baby boy

My mom made his little blessing outfit (she is pretty much the best seamstress ever - sadly I didn't get those skills...sewing machines and I don't have the best relationship). In fact, she has made every one of her 4 grandchildren's blessing outfits! And it even had a cute little tag on the inside that says "Made with love by Grandma" :)

And our first family photos! Yay for a family of four!

Grandma and Grandpa Monson come to visit!

My mom is absolutely amazing and came to stay with us for a month after Cameron was born. Justin was preparing to take the boards (and 8hr test that plays a big role in determining what kind of specialty he can get into for residency) and was gone from 8am-9pm six days a week studying at the library. I would not have survived this month in a sane state of mind without her!!! It was such a blessing and I'm so grateful for such an amazing mom who would willingly fly across the country and put her life on hold for a month to make my life better.
She is absolutely amazing.
I hope I can be a mom like her some day.
My dad also came out for the last week she was there and we tried to do some fun things while they were there:

The beautiful Botanical Gardens!

(I absolutely LOVE Southern Magnolia trees. Isn't this blossom beautiful?! It was about the size of a dinner plate!)

We celebrated my birthday!
My mom spoiled me all day with breakfast in bed, having lunch all together at the school with Justin, she made my favorite potato salad and even grilled steaks in the intense heat and humidity for dinner and to top it all off she made me the most beautiful, delicious cake!!
I'm telling you, she is just amazing! :)

We went to the Harbor Fest and saw all the cool Tall Ships

and played in the fountain of course.

Went to the Aquarium

Went to the Zoo
(Justin even got to take a break and join us for that one!)

And drove across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
(a bridge and tunnel by us that spans 20 miles across the Chesapeake Bay over to the Eastern Shore of Virginia)

Thanks Mom and Dad Monson!!!!
We love you!

Braden of late

Well, besides the stitches (see post below) this is the fun Braden's been up to lately:

Looking studly :)

Eating plenty of goodies and chocolate at Grandma's
And doing lots of playing!!


I'm having to play a little catch-up from my lapse in blogging! Cameron is now 2 mos old and we just love him to death!!! He is the sweetest little baby! He is active and a little squirmy guy. He his strong (always got that head up and looking around and is starting to try to hold his weight with those tiny little legs of his when you stand him up), likes his sleep (he already sleeps for 6hrs every night - hallelujah for a baby that likes to sleep at night!!!), and gives us the sweetest little smiles!
The poor little guy has reflux. :( So he is in pain a lot and is about the gassiest little guy I've ever seen (or heard rather), and when he is in pain my shoulder (or Daddy's or Gma's or Gpa's) is his favorite place to be. He also loves to be in a swing. He's a bouncer baby for sure - loves to be in motion! I'm so lucky he's still a good sleeper at night even with the reflux. It seems to only be bad during the day - a tender mercy from the Lord!!!
So, all in all, we are having fun with this little guy. He makes us all so happy and I am loving re-discovering all the baby phases and new things they do! He has recently found his hands and is figuring out how to make them work - bat at things, put them in his mouth, bring them together, etc. Oh how I love this little baby!!!!

Gotta love the double chin, eh? :)

Look alikes...

Braden looks so much like Justin as a little boy, and apparently Cameron looks a little like me as a baby. Above is Cameron at about 2 mos, below me at 4 mos.