Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eating machine

Braden apparently takes after me when it comes to food (those who know me well know exactly what that means) - he's an eating machine! Sometimes I can't believe how much he eats. He loves every kind of food that we give him (so far) and I rarely get any signal from him saying that he's done. He eats a small bowl of food (bigger than the little jars of baby food) at every meal and just downs the whole thing. The other day he ate a whole mashed up banana by himself. He doesn't even give me any cues that he's done usually. I just stop feeding him because I think he's going to be sick if I give him anymore. Luckily I am making my own baby food instead of buying it - which is remarkably easy by the way - or else we'd be going broke on baby food!

What's even funnier is that anytime we are eating food, whether he's hungry or not, he looks up at us and leans forward like he's saying "I'm ready, give me some!" Sometimes he gets downright mad that we are not sharing our food with him. Funny boy. He has always thought he is older than he is. Unfortunately he's getting really good at grabbing things too, so we have to be careful what we let within his little reach or else it's snatched up. He's so good at giving those puppy-dog eyes when looking at the food someone else is eating, I have no doubt that before long he's going to sucker someone into giving him something he shouldn't be eating yet. It sure didn't take him long to pick up this whole eating thing!


Since we just don't ever seem to stop traveling, we went to Montana a week after getting here in WA. We wanted to see Justin's grandparents (they've never met Braden) and there was a sailboat that needed to be picked up and brought back to WA, so we were just the people for the job. We weren't able to stay very long, but we had a great time there! We also got to see Justin's Uncles Mark and Leonard, Eric and Bonnie, and Mark and Leonard (the twins). Grandma and Grandpa Peterson had a great time with Braden and decided he looks like the Gerber baby. Grandma found a little game of bonking heads together. It was pretty cute. We gave Braden the middle name of David, naming him after Grandpa Peterson. Montana was beautiful and we ate the best rhubarb pie I've ever had! Yum!

We moved!

We have moved up to WA and are living with my parents for the summer. We are so grateful that we have such great families and that my parents are so generous and letting us come and live with them again. It is fun to be close to my parents and Justin's family for the summer before we head to Virginia. I cried as we left Logan though. It doesn't seem to matter how exciting the next place is, it always makes me sad to leave somewhere. We said goodbyes to friends and family and miss them all. Most of all, I don't know how we are going to not live by family anymore. We love getting together with family in Logan and in Salt Lake. Ang and Scott anymore (my sister and bro-in-law) lived just 5 min. away and it was so much fun to get together and play and watch their kids grow bigger and bigger. I balled as we left Logan and it still makes me sad to think of it. I love you guys!!!! We miss you! It's a good thing families are eternal because I don't handle being separated by states very well, let alone not being together for eternity. And lucky for me I will get to see siblings again in June. It's been less than a month and I am already counting the days until we all get to be together again. Woohoo for family reunions!


I can't believe it, but our student career at USU is complete! It's amazing how fast things happen. Thanks to everyone for the love, friendship, support and great times along the way! It is definitely a bittersweet moment. It is exciting and a good thing to be moving forward in our dreams, but we have had so many wonderful memories there in Logan and with USU. It was so sad to leave coworkers, families that I had been working with, and great family and friends. It has been a wonderful ride!

Our supportive parents! We love you!

Justin and his favorite professor Andy Anderson. Andy has helped us so much and he and Justin developed a great friendship. Much of the success Justin has seen is due to him.

Part of the celebration crew. Big thanks to a supportive and loving family!

Norfolk, VA here we come!

In April we took a family trip to Norfolk!

Norfolk is where we are going to medical school! Eastern Virginia Medical School is where Justin will be attending and we are so excited about it! The area is beautiful and surprisingly similar to WA. It is right where the Chesapeake Bay meets the ocean. The flowers were blooming all over the place and the weather was so beautiful while we were there. We visite the beach a few times and the Botanical Gardens. Even the airport was beautiful - just a small airport with flowers and trees all around it. We got really excited to live there and I was thrilled beyond words to hear that snow is a rarity there. I'm very ready for a break from harsh winters. Warm weather here we come! Now we just have to figure out where we're going to live...

Poor Braden has been dragged all over the place in his little life! He has already flown to WA and back twice, and now has Virginia to add to his portfolio of places he's visited in his less than six months of life. Whew! Justin and I were never ones to sit around for very long without going somewhere or trying to be out and about. I guess that hasn't changed too much since we've had Braden.

The Botanical Gardens

Braden and I at bathtime in the hotel

The "Megan" face. Around this trip Braden started doing this face that we nicknamed after Justin's sister who quite often does a similar face. It was so funny!

Daddy and son time at the beach.
Braden liked touching the sand, LOVED watching the waves, but hated touching the water since it was still a little cold. He just cried everytime we tried to put his feet in. I'm sure that will change as he gets older...hopefully.

Not dead, just a slacker...

Well, it has been a ridiculously long time since I have updated my blog here. No nothing traumatic or life-altering has happened really, we have just been extremely busy and enjoying life and I haven't taken any time to post a thing about it. But, instead of just making one long post about the million things that have been happening lately, I'm just going to pretend that it is currently happening and I'm posting as I go along. :)