Sunday, August 30, 2009

Derek and Melanie and Brian come to visit!

In July we had a fun visit from Derek and Melanie and Brian. It was so fun to see them all! We spent a fun day in Seattle, ate great food, played fun games, and spent a day sailing! I think we turned them all into sailors for sure! Justin and I are always anxious to convert anyone to sailing, so we were happy that we suceeded in putting a few more sailing fans in the family! Brian and I even did yoga together one morning! It was a great yoga routine, too. Brian is my official yoga buddy. Anyway, here are some pictures of the fun times:

Pike Street MarketBallard Locks
Out Sailing! You can see Braden's excited about it!Braden enjoying the little pool on a hot summer day

Oregon and Peterson Family Pictures (from July)

Back at the end of July Justin's family rented a house on the Oregon coast (Lincoln City) and we had a great time there with the whole family! We were a block away from the beach, went to the aquarium, saw a lighthouse, and even saw a pod of whales twice! We had a great time and we even got everyone together for a family picture! (which is quite the feat in any family, but especially in theirs! :) There are many people in the family who not only dislike getting organized family pictures, but despise it. Maybe there's some traumatic childhood occurence that happened while taking family pictures...hmm, maybe I'll have to look into that. Or maybe they were made to stand and smile for hours while getting family photos taken - oh wait, they did! Well, it was more like minutes, but I'm sure for some it felt like hours.) So here are a few of the memories we made:
Beautiful flowers in our front yard (if anyone knows what they are please let me know!) Braden and Kylee playing...or trying to pull on each other at least :)

Braden using Kylee as leverage to pull up to stand. He's going to have to learn some manners.
Yes, that is Justin wearing one of Braden's hats.

The three cousins! So cute!

Proud Grandparents
What a cute family!

I love this one. Dale told us all to kiss, and this is what happened...

Cute boy in the hot tub

Three amigos enjoying the beach (Justin and his two brothers Zach and Jeremy)

The water was FREEZING, but it didnt' stop us from enjoying it

Jeremy and Elisa's fam

We love our mom!

Addi at the Tilamook factory
A beautiful hike to a waterfall

Addi and Dale

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Braden Photo Shoot

I know there are a ridiculous amount of pictures on this post, but I had almost 400 to choose from, and they were all this cute! I don't know if any parent ever gets tired of looking at pictures of their child, but I am amazed at how good Melissa (indoor ones) and Mary (outdoor ones) did! Mary took some great family pictures for us (thanks!) and Melissa (a friend in my parent's ward) is getting more and more into photography and wanted to do a session with Braden (for free! I couldn't believe it!) Anyway, after all those picture taken I keep looking at them and thinking, maybe I could send these to a baby modeling place...hmmm. Anyway, sorry again that there are so many! I just couldn't narrow it down! Now that we are a little settled in I want to update our picture frames, but the problem comes that there is no way I can choose between all of these cute pictures. I am terrible at making decisions to begin with, let alone when I have almost 400 good options to choose from! Good grief. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!