Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well, with the creative minds of a few friends and a little too much time on my hands at work today, our little baby boy dressed up for his first Halloween! Or, I guess, my belly dressed up for him. It was pretty funny and my co-workers and I had a great time putting it together. I have to credit Lacey with the original idea of using an ultrasound picture. She's a genius.
So after some creative thinking and decorating, I decided that I needed to go show Justin(I figured he would think it absolutely ridiculous but get a very good laugh out of it). So I went and surprised/embarrassed him in the middle of the physiology lab that he teaches and brought the class some candy. It was great!

We had a great Halloween! Andrew and Katie (our niece and nephew here in Logan) were so cute as the little Cow and Batman! I've never seen a little boy so excited about a cape before. Andrew's really loving capes these days. They were great little Trick-or-Treaters too. Katie held on to each piece of candy she was given for dear life and then said in a cute little voice, "More?".

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, I'm sorry I've been such a slacker and haven't put anything up in forever. Mostly we've both been working, my belly's getting rather large, Justin's getting ready to have his first medical school interview at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk (YAY! We are really excited about it), we've been very impatiently waiting to hear from other medical schools, and we took a trip to Montana to visit Justin's grandparents and relatives. Whew!

We had such a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson! They are both hilarious and are so great to us. They had us move the woodpile - a tradition when anyone in the family comes to visit. Grandma gives us each a pair of brand new "Brown Jersy Gloves" to make us feel just excited to do the project. And then we move their wookpile from one place to the next, wherever they deem neccessary. Sometimes there seems to be a point to the moving, other times not. But you can't go to MT without moving the woodpile or picking rocks or doing some little project like that. It always makes us smile.

Grandma even inspired Justin to inspire his parents to go in on a sailboat with us!It was just sitting there for sale and calling our names. It really turned out to be more of his parents buying a sailboat than us going together. At any rate, we are pretty stoked about the whole thing. I put some pictures below. It's a definite upgrade from our little sailboat. It's all his grandma's doing. She has this great picture of us having a whole fleet of our own someday. :) Justin's parents are wishing that she would inspire us a little less in the boating department.

On another note, Justin and I had never seen Larch trees before this trip. Apparently there are these trees that, like deciduous trees, turn yellow in the fall. But they don't have leaves, they have needles. Then they loose all their needles for winter and grow them back in the spring. We were very astonished, having never seen a tree with needles turn colors unless it was sick and dying. Anyway, you can see it in the background of some pictures. It made for a beautiful fall landscape. We always love being there in MT.

Oh, I almost forgot to explain the deer picture. Justin calls it the "alien deer". He was out feeding the deer some apples and caught a picture of one when it looked striaght at him, and it turned out like alien deer with it's mouth open like that too. Anyway, we thought it was kind of funny.