Sunday, December 18, 2011

Birthday Braden!

We had a ton of fun at the fire station for Braden's bday this year! We invited some friends there and they all loved it. They gave all the kids hats, let them hold the hose-nozzles, climb in the truck, etc. It was such a fun time!

Climbing up on the pretend roof! They thought this was an especially cool treat!

All the cute little fire-fighters!!!
Braden asked for a rainbow-colored cake for his birthday, so we went as colorful as we could!!!

My boy is just growing up and it is so amazing to see the who he is growing into. He most definitely has a stubborn streak and a mind of his own much of the time, but he can still be so sweet and kind. He is so loving and has a big heart. He gets worried whenever he thinks someone is sad, and he loves his little brother so much. In the morning Braden gets so excited when I tell him he can go in and talk to Cameron - he climbs into his crib and they play and laugh together. It is the sweetest sound and I hope they just keep becoming better and better friends. I love my little Brado boy, we have so much fun playing and going on adventures together.  He certainly loves his mischief, but he wants to make us happy and loves being our big boy. He is so smart and so funny - always making us laugh, sometimes even when he is getting into trouble! Sometimes when he is amazed by something he'll say, "Holy Ghost!!!" (with the same voice of Robin on the old Batman show..."Holy Exploding Cats Batman!") - he really means "holy cow", but has gotten the phrases mixed up! I try to correct him...and it I would probably consider it sacrilegious in most other instances...but he is just so innocent and it is SO funny! I try to correct him, but honestly no matter how hard I try I just can't keep a straight face! Oh, I love this little boy! 
I'm so glad I get to be his mom and share these wonderful sweet memories with him!
Happy Birthday Braden!!!

December fun...

Some pics of some of the fun things we've been up to this month...
 My last bouquet of flowers from our yard this year - they made me so happy. We still have a few blooming - it's been so nice and warm this December, a full week in the 70's! 
 While watching some big machines taking down a big tree on our street, a sweet, old man who lives by us brought over this big teddy bear to give to Braden! Both the boys loved it. I love when people are just so generous to us. It just touches my heart. Every time I look at this big, cute bear I just feel it again warming my heart. 

 "ginder-bread house!"

 Amazingly cool train display at an arcade downtown - for free, which made it even better! Then we rode the "big train" around (lightrail) town. It was a fun train day!

And of course making lots of holiday goodies together (me and Brado) and enjoying licking the beaters together. It works out so well - one for each of us! :)

7 mos and on the Go

Cameron is 7 months old and apparently he connected a lot of gross motor synapses between his 6th and 7th months of life! He is everywhere!!! One day he decided to crawl for real (instead of his funny fake wormy crawl - I have to be honest it was hilarious to watch!), which was so fun - particularly because Justin was home that morning when it happened from working an all-nighter. In the week after that he realized he can crawl most everywhere, push himself up into a sitting postion, learned how to pull himself to standing at almost anything, and started officially getting into everything! It has been hilarious to watch. Although 7 mos just seems a little too young to be able to get into the garbage and pull everything in it out!
He is one busy little boy, but he sure has fun! We are going to have to baby-proof the house a lot more than we did with Brado. We didn't think we could get a busier little boy than Braden around the house, but we were apparently wrong. :)
He is such a busy little guy that it seems he just burns off everything that he eats. He is in the 70th percentile for height, but only 15lbs, making him in the 5th percentile for weight. He certainly eats plenty, but apparently uses it all up really fast!

 Look, Mom! One hand!

I love the "I've been caught!" look on his face in that one!

 He is still so sweet and fun. He still loves to be held, sleeps pretty well, loves sucking his little thumb, loves food now, and is such a happy little guy! We sure love him! 
I wish he'd stop growing up so fast so we could just take it all in. I just can't get enough of him and his sweet  little self!