Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, I've been tagged. So I'm supposed to write 10 interesting things about me...yikes:

1. Justin and I are addicted to a TV show called The Office. We are Office junkies. It's quite sad. It makes us laugh SO hard!

2. I can't stand to cook if the kitchen is messy (which it almost always is). It drives me nuts.

3. Justin laughs at this, but in my head all the items (mail, tools, papers, books, phone chargers, keys, phones, backpack/purses, shoes, etc.) in the house need to have a "home". And if I can't seem to find it a good home, I'll go to the store and buy something that will help me feel like it has it’s little home and it's organized in it’s little place and not just sitting out somewhere.

4. I love ice cream. And chocolate. They are some of my favorite things. In fact, I am sitting here eating some ice cream while I'm writing this. :)

5. I'm not very good at dealing with being emotional. I never seem to know what to do with myself. (One of the reasons I'm eating ice cream right now.) And this whole being pregnant thing has brought my emotional self to a whole new level. Help!

6. I love Justin's motorcycle (We got a motorcycle this last spring so Justin would have something to drive this summer). Who would have pictured me being married to someone who owned a motorcycle? And loving it! Not me for sure, but for my birthday, I asked him for a bright red motorcycle helmet. It didn't end up working out, but maybe next year...

7. My ears aren't huge, but they stick out like an elf. Multiple times in high school I was told that I looked like one of the elves on the Lord of the Rings movies.

8. I eat a lot. Really, I mean a lot.

9. I love to run by myself in secluded nature areas. I always feel like the birds singing are cheering me on. It just makes me smile.

10. Justin and I love playing tennis. We go play at night at the Logan high school courts at night and turn on the big lights and it makes us feel like we are at Wimbledon.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's a Boy!!!

So...we had our ultrasound last week and found out that we are having a little baby boy! Yay! We are really excited and he is apparently already exactly like Justin. He has tons of energy and hates to sit still. He was wiggling all over the place and wouldn't hold still for more than a second. At one point the doctor was zoomed in on his legs and he started kicking them up and down just like he was running in place! We just sat there and laughed as he did it over and over again. That was my favorite part for sure. This is a profile of his face and stomach from the ultrasound.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July - Tall Ships Festival

Justin and I had the best 4th of July! We made a last-minute decision to go to WA and see our families and have the experience of a lifetime of watching the fireworks from a huge sailboat (tall ship) on the water. It was amazing, particularly because we love sailing, we love fireworks, and because three years ago Justin passed up this exact experience to hang out with me most of the day and go on our first date!

I should explain a little I guess. So huge boats with big masts and sails are called "Tall Ships". About three years ago Justin and I had our first date at the tall ships festival (a festival where they have all these huge tall ships, like the ones on Pirates of the Caribbean, come from around the world and make port in Tacoma for a week) and ended up spending the rest of the day together. He had been volunteering as an Interpreter on a Russian ship and had a ticket to see the fireworks from that ship out on the water as it sailed around the bay. Instead, he stuck around with me all day, going from place to place and ended up on top of the Church roof watching the fireworks and looking at the stars. Isn't he sweet? It was a great time and we've loved the fourth of July ever since.

So, this year they brought in the Tall Ships festival again and my parents have been volunteering a ton with them, so they gave my mom 4 tickets to watch the fireworks from Commencement Bay on a ship called the Adventuress. She was so sweet and thought of Justin and I, and offered 2 of the tickets to us! How could we say no to that? So, we did a whirlwind trip up to WA, and celebrated our first date with the experience Justin had passed up. It was amazing! I think we are going to have to make it a tradition to go back for every Tall Ship Festival and have our first date all over again! Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!