Friday, August 22, 2008

Family Vacations #1

We had a great week of family coming to visit from WA! Zach and Mom and Dad Peterson came and we all stayed in a condo at Bear Lake. It was great! We enjoyed raspberry shakes, the olympics, and a cute little cafe in Paris, ID. Some of the highlights for us were getting Mom and Dad out to play tennis and Dad getting out on the wakeboard! I sat very jealously and watched all the wakeboarding in the boat. It was so sad and ironic that the only time since Justin and I have been together that we've been on a ski boat, with a wakeboard, I happen to be pregnant and can't go wakeboarding! It was a little bitter, but still a lot of fun to see Justin get some air and Zach and Dad try it for the first time.

I need to explain a few pictures...You see, there on the main street that goes by Bear Lake there is a large wooden carving. We were all a little freaked out by it, so we started calling it "the banchee". Then, the night before we left we decided we had better go get pictures next to it. I'm sure people stared as they drove by and wondered what we were doing, particularly when Dad was doing a kissing pose, but we had a great time with it anyway!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beautiful Sunirse

Justin spent a few days at Scout Camp a couple of weeks ago, He had a great time and is loving his calling to work with the deacons in Scouts. The morning he left they went on a sunrise canoe trip and got amazing pictures of an amazing sunrise. They were so beautiful that I had to share.