Monday, February 23, 2009

Lucky Charms

Justin and I have an abundance of Lucky Charms in our cupboard and's a long story, but I'll just say there were a few too many good sales on Lucky Charms, which never seemed to go on sale, so...12 boxes later, we are now not quite as excited about having Lucky Charms around for an evening snack as we once were. Lucky for us Andrew and Katie (neice and nephew) love the stuff and take some home with them when they come to visit.
Anyway, that was all really a long tangent to get to the real point, that Justin was sitting down on the couch next to me with a bowl of Lucky Charms as I was feeding Braden. Braden immediately started stretching his little neck as far as it would go to see what his Daddy was up to. I wasn't surprised by this, until he lost all interest in his own food and couldn't take his eyes off of Justin eating this yummy cereal. My boy takes after me when it comes to food, and rarely loses interest in eating. So, I waited for a little bit while he just stared at Justin, expecting him to remember any second that he was eating and wanted to get back to it...I waited some more...and waited...finally I tried to get him back focused on eating...nothing. He would not take his eyes off of Justin eating! So I sat him up so he could see better and it was hilarious! He watched that spoon go from the bowl to Justin's mouth mesmerized. He was so intense! And every so often he would open his mouth, as if he were waiting for his bite. Justin and I could not stop laughing. He sat there and watched every bite until the Lucky Charms were gone.
He then apparently realized he was not going to get any of his Dad's food and took an interest in eating again. What a funny boy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

Justin and I had a great Valentine's! Ang watched Braden while Justin and I went snowboarding all day. It was a blast and Justin is a great teacher, helping me to get better at my toe-edge. Later in the evening our ward came up and I tried skiing, which I haven't done for years. It was so fun to get back on skis again! Anyway, we had a great time on the hill and hanging out by the fire in the logde. Justin surprised me the next day by coming home from teaching snowboarding lessons early and bringing a dozen beautiful roses! It was a great Valentine's day surprise. I didn't get any pictures of us boarding, but I did get a cute picture of Braden in his Valentine shirt from Grandma Monson, as he was helping Justin figure out his homework.

But sadly, the great weekend didn't last as Braden got sick for the first time. It is so sad! Poor little guy just coughs and sneezes and pukes up a lot of his food. Hopefully he'll get better soon.


Braden has some of the cutest cousins!


My mom sent me some pictures that she took...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All Smiles!

We finally got Braden smiling on camera! He does this every morning before I have to leave for work and it is just so cute. It breaks my heart to have to leave! I never thought I would find myself being jealous of mom's who get to stay at home all day with their babies, but I am very much. We really are so lucky though. Our schedules work together so that one of us can be with him most of the time, and when we can't we have a great friend who is taking care of him for us. Thanks again Brittany! Anyway, life is great for us. It's crazy and flying by so fast, but it's great!