Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Happy Easter

 I'm feeling exceptionally on top of things, posting Easter stuff on the actual day of Easter! (which probably just means that I should be asleep instead of staying up

Easter is a special time here at our house. Mostly because of this boy right here. :)
Braden loves Easter. LOVES Easter. Everything about it. He loves it more than Christmas and spends most of the year asking me if it is Easter time again yet. I was so excited when I could finally say Yes it is!!!! While Easter has always been wonderful for me, it is even more wonderful because it is such an anticipated and exciting thing for Braden. 
Kind of helps me remember, "Do I anticipate and look forward to the Savior's most loving, kind moments, when He truly gave all of himself in order to make me whole again in every way?" Oh, I'm so grateful for sweet little children who help point me to what is most important in my own life. 
 So, of course we had a few Egg Hunts...and Braden LOVED them! We died some eggs, one of Braden's favorite things, and we made some coconut nests (Braden's holding one in the top picture). Braden has been hiding things all month long in his little plastic eggs and loving it! :)

 Cam also enjoyed his first Easter Sunday! :) He will be a year old in less than a month and I can't believe my little baby is just so grown up. He has us all wrapped around his finger and we all just can't help but love him to death. He's just too cute. I suppose I am a tiny bit biased though...
(Got to love the wispy hair. :) It won't sit down for anything - though I don't really take much time to try usually. He gets it from Justin.)

I didn't get one picture of Braden in his shirt and tie before he changed, which is too bad because he was so cute. 
Today was a perfect Easter Sunday in so many ways. It was beautiful, 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, and so nice to just sit outside and enjoy this beautiful spring and remember who created it all for us. 
The day was filled with many tender mercies for me, all filling me with peace - even amidst craziness. :) I am so blessed and watched over by my Savior. This particular time in my life right now helps me better trust and understand that He loves me - He loves me more than I can imagine. And He truly delights in every way to bless me and bring me goodness. He knows my heart, He knows my needs, wants and desires. And He lifts me up and carries me when I can no longer carry myself. The thought that He has felt everything I feel, and more to a much, much greater extent fills my heart with gratitude and love. That He, my truest Friend, would do that to save me, to reach to me when I struggle and be able to say, "I know. I know just how it feels. Lean on me, put your head on my shoulder and let me your joy and comfort." He loves us more than we can know. He has conquered all, is mighty to save, and there is nothing we can feel or experience that He cannot help with. There is no place - emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually - that He cannot reach to save us, if we will but turn to Him and let Him. How grateful I am for Him, and how grateful I am for this day, to remember His joy and his mighty saving grace. 
A Happy and Blessed Easter to all of you, with all of my love. :) 

Birthday at the Botanical Gardens

Braden's good little friend, Cade, had a birthday and we got to celebrate with him at the Botanical Gardens! It was extra fun, because we got to watch the airplanes, the water was on in the kids area, AND the tram ("train" in Braden's eyes!) was running! Yay for spring!!!! 
It was a great day! :)

Just look at these three...they are just so fun and great friends! :)

I absolutely love this action pose of them all getting sprayed in the face!!

Cam, of course, wasn't one to be left out of the fun...he had a blast finding the water to play with!

Our "train" ride

Wedding photos

Amy got these wedding photos to me from my brother Brian and new sis Amy's wedding back in November. I just had to post them because they make me so happy. I love my family. When they are so far away, pictures like these melt my heart and make me feel a little closer to them. :)

Oh I just love them!!!! :)