Sunday, May 6, 2012


 My little baby is one year old!!! I have a hard time believing that, but I can't say how grateful I am that he has been a part of our world this last year. 
He is such a joy - so fun to have around. He loves to be held, can laugh and have the greatest time with his brother (they also already know exactly how to torture each's amazing and fun to watch their relationship as brothers! They are going to make some mighty mischief and be amazingly cute and funny while doing it!). Cameron gives the BEST hugs ever - those tiny little hands and arms squeezing your neck is just the best feeling in the whole world!

Cam can be quite serious sometimes, and loves to watch things work. He takes lessons from his brother every day (sometimes good, sometimes less good...) and is a pretty quick learner! He throws a ball with a cute little grunt afterward, like he's saying, "Yeah that was a hard throw!"
Cam loves to wiggle and dance - it doesn't really matter if it is actually music or just the shower running - noise starts and he starts to bob his head and wiggle his little tush! Adorable!
 He's a pretty quick little climber - finds all sorts of crevices and things to climb up on! 
 And amazingly for me, he's turned into a great sleeper! He's an angel that way - sleeping 12+ hrs at night and taking two good naps during the day! I am so spoiled by him recently! It is beautiful!
 (random funny face by Brado!)

We went to the park on Cam's bday. Had such a fun, simple time playing around by ourselves!
Cameron decided he ought to follow his brother going up the twirly slide...

 And he made it all the way to the top! I couldn't believe it, and was right behind him (a little scared that he was going to do dive off!), but didn't help him at all and he went all the way to the top! 

Cam LOVES books and monkeys - particularly the old-style stuffed monkey his Aunt Elisa made for him (thanks Elisa! It is getting well loved and used!) He just hugs it to death and loves to drag it all over the house.
People constantly comment on his nearly-white wispy hair, pretty blue eyes and beautiful lips! (not sure where he got the lips from, but they are pretty cute...hopefully they are a little less cute when he is a teenager!!! :) And he is a devoted little thumb-sucker. 
He's not walking yet, but getting close. :)
All in all, he's about the cutest thing there ever was and we love him to death!!! 
He makes our lives so full and I can't imagine life without him!
Happy Birthday Cameron!

Cam's Cake experience in pictures:
what is this?

Hey look at that fire!

Ooh, strawberries

a little dabble

Are you guys sure? ... What do I do with this thing?

More dabbling 
finally a taste...

yep, I need more of that!

stuff it in!

stuff it in harder!

man this stuff is awesome!

can I fit all this in my mouth at once?

yep... still stuffing

definitely a fan of this whole cake thing....


Elisa said...

That is the BEST progression of pictures I have ever seen! You need to print those out or make a poster of all of them, or something! I Love It!! I need to try and remember to do something like that for Damon, because I know he is going to LOVE cake!