Friday, June 22, 2012


This was going to be such a great picture, but then Braden's nose itched...haha! Now it just looks like it smells bad - but in truth it smells divine! (It's a southern magnolia, has a sweet, citrusy smell)
 We went to the beautiful Botanical Gardens for an evening and had a picnic dinner by the pond. Braden found some giant flashy fish and Cam was just so excited to be there! We go there a lot, but usually don't wander around this side of the park much. It a fun change and the three of us all enjoyed it!

 He is really loving this orange slice to the very end!

 I love this one of Brado!

 Playing by the fountain

 Little one trying to follow in the big one's footsteps :)

I decided to get some shots of my beautiful flowers from our yard. It is a lot of weeding...A LOT of weeding, but beautiful things like this come out and make it all worth it to me. I LOVE flowers so much!!! I think all of life should be filled with flowers - inside and outside. 
One of my dream jobs someday is to be a flower deliverer. I don't really want to arrange them or anything, I just want to deliver them. There is nothing like giving someone a surprise like that. Have you ever gotten a chance to do it? It is simply one of the best things there ever was. In college I worked at the USU Bookstore, and on 2 days a year (valentines and administrative assistant's day) we would take orders and deliver flowers or balloons or chocolates....those were some of my favorite days of working there. I looked forward to it all year so I could walk around from place to place and brighten someone's day. One of the sweetest joys in life is the look on that person's face when you give them their surprise. Makes you so happy. :)
I get so happy and excited to see the blossoms blooming...I just want to keep them around forever. They are one of God's little gifts to me.
(and everyone else too...don't mean to leave you all out of that! haha!) 

Braden was nice enough to "cut" some flowers (3 big stalks!) (of the kind below, but bright purple) first I was really upset, but then I brought them inside and put them in a vase and ended up cherishing them for the next week...sweet boy... a bit mischievous boy, but sweet boy. They ended up being a wonderful thing to brighten my birthday. I'm so glad he did it. :)
 yay for Gladiolas :)
 One of my white Easter Lilies grew 5 1/2 ft tall this year! It was really tall last year, but amazed me by getting even bigger! It was almost as tall as I am! The others were about 3 ft, but this one is a giant and I'm starting to wonder if by next year it will be as taller than me! Their big beautiful white and pink blossoms are so beautiful!