Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Skating

EVMS sponsored a free night of ice skating for the first-year med students. Justin and decided that was a perfect (and free!) date for us to go on so we found someone to watch Braden. We had so much fun - as did Braden.
Justin and I had never been ice skating together before (it had been more than ten years since I had even stepped on the ice!) and we had a blast. Justin did a lot of roller-blading in his younger years, so he was a little more natural than I was and even managed some twirls. I tried my best and looked very ungraceful trying to spin around, but I was quite proud that I never fell on my butt! Yay!
It was outside and they still had the lights us from Christmas, it was such a cute atmosphere! I felt like it was a seen out of a movie - ice skating in the city with the lights around. To be totally honest, going ice skating with someone I loved has always been on my list of "totally sappy melt-my-heart romantic things I want to do someday". What can I say, I'm a hopeless romantic. It was so simple and fun and sweet that I pretty much grinned the whole time we were there. Afterward we went to Starbucks and got some hot cocoa and caramel cider with a gift-card Justin had received. Free dates are the best! :)

I love the other two med students in the background posing! Haha! I didn't even realize it until I was posting this!


Brandon and Mandee said...

You guys are so cute! It looks like you had a wonderful time! We miss you guys! Come back to utah when Justin is through with med school.

Krystal said...

I love cheap dates...or even better...FREE dates! Looks like fun!