Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmastime with the Petersons...

Christmas was amazing and a ton of fun. With Braden's b-day, Justin's b-day, Addi's B-day all in December, Kylee's not far behind in January, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and all the traditions and partying that goes along with each one (whew!) it was literally one party after another! It was a blast. As Jeremy (Justin's bro) said, "Geez, it's been like Hanukkah since you guys have been here!" It really was. It was awesome!

We celebrated Justin and Braden's birthdays (and yes, that is a Bob Ross painting kit Justin is holding (as well as cute little Kylee) - he's taken up painting, Bob Ross style. He's pretty amazing at it, but I am a little biased...)

With all the birthday and Christmas stuff going on, Braden became a champ at ripping open gifts!
He's still not so sure at first about the whole chocolate cake thing...

But Braden is definitely sure that he loves dogs. He thought Cody (the dog) was the coolest thing ever and the best toy over at Gma and Gpa Peterson's.
Megan bought him some comfy pants that match her own! So cute!

He eventually tried and enjoyed the chocolate...

Justin and the kiddos playing on the floor. Yay for uncle Justin! Addi (on the right) loves to come and ask Justin to do the "elbow dwop" and hits her elbow - for any unfamiliar with the elbow drop, it is a pro wrestling move. Apparently you hit your elbow and then jump on top of the other person. Obviously he does a modified version, but Addi sure loves it and wants to do it again and again! It really is so cute to hear a little 3 year old say elbow drop.

Braden and Kylee are only 6 weeks apart and it is so fun to see the similarities and differences in their personalities and fun things they are doing! Kylee is so sweet and mellow and laid back. She is just a doll! I didn't get a good picture of her smiling, but she is just all smiles and so fun to talk back and forth with!

Sad-faced Kylee
All the babies jump on Grandma! I love this picture. Doesn't that look like a happy Grandma to you? Braden is one lucky little boy who will never want for much when he's around his grandparents!

Proud Grandparents! Well, I know it looks like Mom Peterson is about to take a bite out of Braden's head, but I promise that isn't the case! :) She was laughing or sneezing or something when I snapped the shot. Oops!

This is almost everyone in the fam. If I had the time I would edit these two into one, but since I don't, just pick out the good faces in each! :) Love you guys!

Thanks for a great holiday break!


Elisa said...

Great pics! We had so much fun with you guys. We can't wait to see you agin. And hope you are settling back in as well as you can at home. Sorry about the break in, that is sad to hear. But I am glad everything is mostly intact. Talk to you later!